New Server

The aging G4 server named Xyla has been replaced with a young Mac Mini named Jesus. I’ve written a few articles about the process on the articles page. I intend to expand on them as time allows. Their purpose is to make the next upgrade as painless as this one was.

One of the major benefits of this upgrade is the piece and quiet of the Mini compared to the G4.  The other is that the server is slightly faster.  The only drawback is that the hard disk in the Mini is not intended for server like tasks, and it remains to be seen how well it is able to cope.


I accidentally deleted the WordPress MySQL database without a recent backup. Fortunately, the only loss was the information stored on this site and my personal site, Silver’s Corner.

My intention is to try and actually put content up, which is what I was preparing for when the accident occurred. Oh well, Remember to back up.